If you, your mom, dad, siblings, grandparents, neighbors, or good friends have a fun, sad, interesting, personal story related to the library, please tell it to us and others. It could be a recollection of childhood, a year of study, building a library, the best book read, a date, the early 90s, a celebration or a moment of loneliness in which the library played a central role, or perhaps a background framing an important moment in a person’s life.

Mini-story guidelines:

  • Give the story a name, mention a period (exact or approximate), tell a story where personal experience mixes with the library‘s, indicate the author (name / surname or nickname).
  • If you want to mention the names of specific people in the story, get their approval. If you can't do that, create nicknames for them.
  • You can illustrate the story with a photo, drawing, etc. (it’s important that you email it along with the story). Illustration is not necessary.
  • The story can be written by anyone - a library visitor, an employee (current or former), a neighbor, a resident of Kaunas or a citizen of the world.

What will we do with the stories? We will share stories with you and gather it for future generations.

Stories accepted until May 31. Email address to send it to: i.dryzaite@kvb.lt

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