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The Pocket of a Herbalist / author Rimantė Tamoliūnienė. – Kaunas: Kaunas County Public Library, 2021. ISBN 978-9955-566-14-4, ISBN 978-9955-566-15-1, ISBN 978-9955-566-16-8.

This publication is dedicated to a doctor, herbalist Eugenija Šimkūnaitė – exceptional figure, who has collected vast wealth in herbal medicine research and earned the name of the most famous folk scientist.

100 KAVB 150

100 uplifting moments: interwar Lithuanian holidays and celebrations / author – Rimantė Tamoliūnienė. – Kaunas: Kaunas County Public Library, 2018. 187 pages, [4] p., [4] clipped greeting card sheet: illustration; 22 x 24 cm. ISBN 978-9955-566-13-7

This publication is a story about the festive life of interwar Lithuania told in pictures. The most important holidays of that time and their origins are presented in segments.


Located by the Nemunas / author – Rimantė Tamoliūnienė. – Kaunas: Kaunas County Public Library, 2014. 252 pages; illustration ISBN 978-9955-566-11-3

This book presents Lithuanian cities and towns located near the river Nemunas, which are distinguished by their unique cultural heritage and memorable landscapes. The album is richly illustrated with postcards and photographs published before 1945, some of which are being published for the first time.

Stasys Santvaras

Stasys Santvaras: bibliographical list (1921-2010) / authors Dainuolė Kazlauskienė and Ilona Griškonytė. – Kaunas: Kaunas County Public Library, 2012. – 494, [1] p.: illustration - the text is in Lithuanian. – an edition of a hundred copies – ISBN 978-9955-566-10-6

The publication presents a systematized material revealing the variety of Stasys Santvara's creation and works.

Skaitymas tarp eiluciu

Reading between the lines / author E. Urbonavičienė. – Kaunas: Kaunas County Public Library, 2011. – 45, [1] p.: illustration – adjacent text in Lithuanian and English.

Publication about Kaunas County Public Library.

Leidinio "Viena Lietuva – dvi nepriklausomybės" viršelis

One Lithuania – two independences: a photo catalog / [author – Rimantė Tamoliūnienė]. – Kaunas: Kaunas County Public Library, 2010. – 47, [1] p.: illustration – a part of a adjacent text in Lithuanian, English. – an edition of five hundred copies. – ISBN 978-9955-566-09-0

The publication is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the restoration of Lithuania's independence. The book compares two periods of Independence - interwar and present-day holidays and rest.

Leidinio "Kaunas: vieno vaizdo metamorfozės" viršelis

Kaunas: metamorphosis of one view [Graphics]: Set of 29 postcards / Kaunas County Public Library; author Rimantė Tamoliūnienė; translator Raminta Nagelytė. – Kaunas: Kaunas County Public Library, 2010.

The publication presents one of the most beautiful and popular images of Kaunas – from Linksmadvaris (Aleksotas) side to the Old Town, – captured in engravings, drawings, postcards and photographs from ancient times to the present day.

Kauno savasties zenklai The signs of Kaunas identity / author – Rimantė Tamoliūnienė. – Kaunas: Kaunas County Public Library, 2009. – 168 pages.    
Laisves proveziai

Breakthroughs of freedom in Soviet Kaunas: interviews, memories, documents, photographs / author – Rimantė Tamoliūnienė. – Kaunas: Kaunas County Public Library, 2007. – 117 pages.

This publication is the fourth part of the project "Kaunas in the Soviet Era", looking back at the rebellious face of the city of this period, the resistant spirit of Kaunas is portrayed: from the secret underground to the widespread public challenges.

Leidinio "Knyga per amžius : senosios knygos ekspozicija" viršelis A book through ages: exposition of an old book / Sigitas Lūžys; Kaunas County Public Library. – Kaunas : Kaunas County Public Library, 2006. – 58 pages. - The publication of the book was supported by the Lithuanian millenium anniversary management.    
Leidinio "XV-XVI amžių knygos Kauno bibliotekose" viršelis 15th–16th century books in Kaunas libraries = Libri saeculi quinti decimi et sexti decimi ex bibliothecis Caunensibus : catalog / Kaunas County Public Library ; created by Sigitas Lūžys, Rita Urbaitytė, Irena Vitkauskienė ; [translated by Ana Venclovienė]. - Vilnius: Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore, 2006. – 437 pages.    
Leidinio "Kaunas laikmečių kaitoje" viršelis

Kaunas at the times of changing: photo album / author – Rimantė Tamoliūnienė. – Kaunas: Kaunas County Public Library, 2006. – 68 pages.

This is the third part of the project "Kaunas - Temporary Capital" publication, which compares the images of the interwar and modern city.

Leidinio "Carinio Kauno atspindžiai" viršelis

Reflections of tsarist Kaunas: photography exhibition catalog / author – Rimantė Tamoliūnienė. – Kaunas: Kaunas County Public Library, 2005. – 30 pages.

This is the second part of the project "Kaunas in Tsarist Power" publication. The accents of architectural tsarist city are reviewed.

Leidinio "Lietuvos bibliografija" viršelis The bibliography of Lithuania = Die Bibliographie Litauens: series of tsarist‘s Lithuanian periodicals publications    
Leidinio "Poetų Kaunas: eilėraščių rinkinys" viršelis Poet‘s Kaunas: a collection of poems / [created by Alvydas Samėnas; the book is illustrated with reproductions of woodcuts by Algirdas Pakeliūnas from the collection “ Old Town of Kaunas ”]. – Kaunas: Kaunas County Public Library, 2000. – 158 pages.    
Leidinio "Regulas dėl skarbavų žmonių" viršelis Regulations of state people / Kaunas County Public Library. – Facsimile publication. - Kaunas: memory, 1998.    
Leidinio "1918 m. vasario 16 d. Nepriklausomybės akto signatarai" viršelis Signatories to the Act of Independence in 1918 February 16 / [author: Neringa Dranginienė]. - Kaunas: Kaunas County Public Library, 1998.    

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