Project manager – KCPL Cultural Events and Publishing Group; project coordinator – Rimantė Tamoliūnienė.

Date: 2013

Aims of the project – to introduce the public to the historical, landscape and urban heritage of the cities and towns situated by Nemunas by strengthening cultural consciousness of the local population and by revealing the attractiveness and uniqueness of the region.

Activities of the project: Kaunas County Public Library, the organizer of the continuing project “Įsikūrę prie Nemuno” (started in 2012), aims to effectively and attractively present a wide panorama of the panemunė towns’ and cities’ historical, landscape and urban heritage by using postcards, photos and other archival documents published before 1945. Prepared in 2012, a mobile exhibition presents 25 panemunė towns and cities which impart a major importance to our statehood as well as cultural history and are situated in the territories of the present Lithuania, Belarus and Russia. In collaboration with various museums, archives and collectors we chose 320 postcards and photos which vividly illustrate the uniqueness, everyday-life, celebrations, urban and natural heritage as well as prominent people of the settlements. In the exhibition, coats of arms and a brief history of each of the sites are presented next to the old iconography.
An enormous interest from the local communities obliges the project to be continued. With this in mind, this year we plan to continue to travel with the exhibition around the Nemunas region, prepare an electronic version of the exhibition and begin preparatory publishing works. We intend to issue long-term value publication, complemented by modern panoramic photography taken from the sky, and images of the most important objects.

Sponsors: Culture Support Fund

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Date – 21 November, 2012.

Location – Kaunas County Public Library (Radastų St. 2, Kaunas)

Conference organizer – Kaunas County Public Library.

Target audience – the specialists of Kaunas and Marijampolė county public libraries.

Aims and objectives – to overlook the challenges and opportunities of an innovative library while highlighting the importance of the library representation, the development of the electronic services and the perspectives regarding the reinforcement of public relations activities. The conference is relevant to the creation of the innovative library, which would be focused on changes and innovations. It also revolves around librarians’ skills regarding the representation of libraries in traditional and virtual space. The conference is intended for the specialists of Kaunas and Marijampolė county public libraries.


Partnes: Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania, project ‘‘Libraries for Innovation’’, LR Ministry of Culture, Lithuanian Librarians Association, Bernelių užeiga, Ūkio bankas.

Contact information:
Daiva Kibildienė
Senior Methodologist for Vocational Education for Librarians
Radastų St. 2, LT-44164 Kaunas
Phone (8-37) 32 44 50


Kaunas County libraries

Birštonas Public Library -
S.Dariaus ir S.Girėno St. 12, 59212 Birštonas
fax (8 ~ 319) 65 760

Director Alina Jaskūnienė
phone (8 ~ 319) 65 760

Municipal Public Library of Jonava Dictrict -
Žeimių St. 9, 55158 Jonava
fax (8 ~ 349) 53 160

Director Skirmutė Gajauskaitė
phone (8 ~ 349) 53 160

Kaišiadorys Public Library -
Gedimino St. 69, 56124 Kaišiadorys
fax (8 ~ 346) 51 284

Director Aldona Naudžiūnaitė
phone (8 ~ 346) 51 284

Kaunas Municipal Public Library of Vincas Kudirka -
Laisvės al. 57, 44305 Kaunas
fax (8 ~ 37) 201 462

Director Nomeda Domeikienė
phone (8 ~ 37) 221 782

Municipal Public Library of Kaunas District -
Vytauto St. 21, 53265 Garliava, Kauno rajonas
phone (8 ~ 37) 551 884

Director Irena Stančiauskienė
phone (8 ~ 37) 551 794

Municipal Mikalojus Daukša Public Library of Kėdainiai District -
Didžiosios rinkos Sq. 11, 57248 Kėdainiai
fax (8 ~ 347) 50 397

Director Birutė Ruzgienė
phone (8 ~ 347) 53 620

Municipal Public Library of Prienai District -
Kauno St. 2a, 59147 Prienai
fax (8 ~ 319) 60 380


Director Daiva Čepeliauskienė
phone (8 ~ 319) 60 380

Municipal Public Library of Raseiniai District -
Vytauto Didžiojo g. 1, 60149 Raseiniai
fax (8 ~ 428) 52 506

Didector Daina Sutkevičienė
phone (8 ~ 428) 52 506

Marijampolė County libraries

Municipal Public Library of Kalvarija District -
Laisvės St. 2, 69214 Kalvarija
fax (8 ~ 343) 21 042

Director Laima Karpavičienė
phone (8 ~ 343) 21 042, (8 ~ 343) 23 087

Municipal Public Library of Kazlų Rūda District -
Vytauto St. 21, 69415 Kazlų Rūda
fax (8 ~ 343) 95 033

Director Vilija Šemetienė
phone (8 ~ 343) 95 033, 8 ~ 686 13 964

Marijampolė Petras Kriaučiūnas Public Library -
Vytauto St. 20, 68298 Marijampolė
phone (8 ~ 343) 52 637
fax (8 ~ 343) 51 862

Director Daiva Kirtiklienė
phone (8 ~ 343) 51 862

Municipal Public Library of Šakiai District -
Gimnazijos St. 1, 71115 Šakiai

Director Regina Ūsienė
phone (8 ~ 345) 51 501

Vilkaviškis Municipal Public Library -
Sodų St. 1, 70141 Vilkaviškis
fax (8 ~ 342) 53 886

Director Vilija Gilienė
phone (8 ~ 342) 53 842

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Kaunas County Public Library rules 2021 (.pdf, 670 KB) in Lithuanian language


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